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All Prima Sonoro instruments come with a Lifetime Warranty. Our objective is to provide absolute peace of mind, whether you travel the world, perform in adverse weather conditions, or simply like to live on the edge, you focus on the playing, let us take care of the rest.

Endless Custom Options

Customization is everything, allowing our customers the opportunity to personalize and alter these instruments as they see fit. These instruments belong to you, let your imagination drive creativity.


Khullip Jeung, world renowned violinist - Juilliard School of Music

Eicca Toppinen, Apocalyptica founder and lead cellist.


Cellos - Carbon Fibre Musical String Instruments

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You will quickly notice how powerful our Carbon Fiber Cellos are when you play them for the first time. Professional players say Prima Sonoro cellos are well-balanced and easy to play. Our cellos are great for beginners or advanced musicians. Contact us if you have any questions about your cello.

Our instruments are used by musicians from all around the world. (Including Canada and USA). Violinists and cellists have the right to the best quality attainable at each price point. Prima Sonoro gives musicians the opportunity to design and build their own carbon fibre cello. Our cello instruments are admired by people from all backgrounds of life. We want to build a string instrument store where customers can shop for instruments online in a simple and basic manner.

Shop carbon fibre violin instruments here. Purchase a fully customized or pre designed cello online in Canada and USA. Carbon fibre allows violin and cello players to have a better experience during musical practice and performances. Order a custom professional string instrument cello now.

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