Damian Krzyminski


Damian Krzyminski has over 20 years’ experience working with advanced composites. Mainly focusing on Aerospace technology and marine applications, Damian has gained a great deal of knowledge working in the industry. Damian’s first and foremost passion is Aviation, he became a pilot in 2003 and shortly after joined the Canadian Air force. Damian honed his advanced composites skill and knowledge in the private sector, working on low orbit spacecraft for U.S. and Canadian operations. His most recent work was in the motor sports industry, building carbon fibre sports cars.

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Szymon Krzyminski


Szymon Krzyminski is a Red Seal Certified Industrial Millwright by trade. He has designed and built all the custom tooling equipment at Prima Sonoro that is used to streamline and improve the process of creating carbon fiber instruments.

About Prima Sonoro

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