Damian Krzyminski


Damian Krzyminski has over 20 years’ experience working with advanced composites. Mainly focusing on Aerospace technology and marine applications, Damian has gained a great deal of knowledge working in the industry. Damian’s first and foremost passion is Aviation, he became a pilot in 2003 and shortly after joined the Canadian Air force. Damian honed his advanced composites skill and knowledge in the private sector, working on low orbit spacecraft for U.S. and Canadian operations. His most recent work was in the motor sports industry, building carbon fibre sports cars.

About Prima Sonoro

Szymon Krzyminski


Szymon Krzyminski is a Red Seal Certified Industrial Millwright by trade. He has designed and built all the custom tooling equipment at Prima Sonoro that is used to streamline and improve the process of creating carbon fiber instruments.

About Prima Sonoro


We believe in the craft of carbon fibre, we aspire to create a unity in material and science, to evolve a tradition with fresh eyes and methods, to inspire a new sound for today, and be remembered in history.

This is the new sound.


Carbon fibre has been used for years in aerospace and high-performance automotive fields. Instruments manufactured from this material offer many advantages: durability, drastically reduced weight, and total immunity to changes in temperature or humidity, your instrument will stay in tune and be ready to perform anywhere, anytime.

Our unique construction process rests on a design 8 years in development, a process that required extensive R&D, focusing on state of the art Fibre Science, collaborating with Luthiers and world class musicians in order to achieve one key objective, Optimum Sound Quality. This level of proficiency is unmatched in the industry.


Prima Sonoro instruments are quick to respond, feel smooth and are easy to play. Musicians can draw out full resonance with little effort allowing for maximum expression. We’ve kept all the best aspects of the traditional design, including the ebony fingerboard and the c-bout corners to provide superior resonance and the elegant shaping that makes each instrument immediately familiar to the musician and the audience.


Prima Sonoro instruments are designed with performance in mind, whether they are played in a music academy or a symphony. Prima Sonoro collaborated with a luthier right from the start to conceive a superior instrument that is comfortable to play, requires no maintenance, and offers phenomenal sound quality without compromising the shape or the traditional beauty of the instrument itself.

At Prima Sonoro, our aim was to create more than a beautiful work of art; we believe that innovation with new materials should only be promoted if it improves quality, performance and enjoyment of the instrument. The effortless, smooth and responsive tone produced by a Prima Sonoro instrument will gracefully guide any musician along their journey to precision.


100% Canadian made.

Innovation is the key to Canada’s future prosperity and it hinges on highly-trained people with diverse skill sets who are willing to take risks to develop their ideas and bring them to market.

Damian and Szymon Krzyminski are such innovators, who have a vision to create rare high end instruments, and in doing so, raise the standard of carbon fibre instrument design. The dual-edge sword is the challenge of perfection combined with a musician’s singular experience, resulting in the conclusive drive to create the perfect instrument.

Damian began his experience building luxury carbon fibre sport cars. With ample experience working with carbon fibre composites in such fields as aerospace, automotive and marine applications, Szymon is a designer and Millwright. The brothers took on the challenge of building the ultimate carbon fibre instrument.


Throughout the ages artisans and designers have pushed the boundaries to improve design and enhance performance. Our instruments maintain all the positive attributes of hundreds of years of craftsmen before us as well as providing unsurpassed durability and reliability. Prima Sonoro has taken traditional instrument making into the 21st century and has taken but one more step in progressing the art of instrument making.

Attending the symphony is a cultural experience with a rich history of tradition and ceremony. The audience and the musicians both arrive with expectations and look forward to a transcendent performance. We understand the needs of musicians, and we know what the audience expects to see and hear: Prima Sonoro instruments are made to perform and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Whether a professional or novice, Prima Sonoro offers a magnificent experience that will allow your music to touch the soul, raise the spirits, elevate the mind and deeply move your audience.


Prima Sonoro Carbon Fibre String Instruments

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Prima Sonoro Carbon Fibre String Instruments are used by many of the best players in world-class orchestras, crossover popular artists, and musicians from all areas of life who value powerful sound, pure pitch, and exquisite craftsmanship. Musicians play Prima Sonoro instruments all over the world. We encourage you to explore this website to learn more about the violin and cello instruments for sale. Our string instrument shop has an array of violins, cellos, strings, bows, and much more for your music collection. Get the best violins and best cellos online from Prima Sonoro Carbon Fibre String Instruments. Find intermediate violins and cellos or for beginners. Shop custom violins and create the string instrument of your dreams. We are the #1 carbon fibre cello and violin brand online in Canada. We ship our string instruments across the world - including Canada and USA (United States of America). Our string instruments are durable and high quality for the best sound possible. Whether you are looking for tradition violins or electric violins - we can help guide you in the right direction.

When you play our Carbon Fiber Violin or Cello for the first time, you will immediately feel how powerful it is. Professional players tell us how well-balanced and simple to play they are. Contact us if you have any questions about your violin or cello.

Our instruments are played by musicians around the world (Including Canada and USA). Violins and cellos players deserve the best quality possible for each price range. Prima Sonoro gives musicians the opportunity to design and build their own carbon fibre violin or cello. String instruments are used by all types of people. We want to provide a string instrument shop that allows customers to shop online in an easy and simple process.

Shop carbon fibre cellos here. Find a wide range of carbon fibre violin strings and advanced violins. Carbon fibre allows a better experience for violin and cello players during performances or practice. Carbon-fiber instrument producers create their instruments with a carbon fibre and resin mixture through a special process.

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