Pinocchio – 4/4 Cello


We are very happy to introduce the newest member of our Prima Sonoro family, Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is the world’s first carbon fiber cello that may just fool you that its a real wooden cello, initially by its physical attributes followed by the beautiful sound and range it can produce.

Pinocchio is aged and faded to look like it’s been around since Carlo Collodi wrote the beloved children’s novel in 1883. Each instrument is a little different from the other, with its own set of marks and fading to tell a personal story of where it’s been, and how it got into your hands to enjoy for a lifetime.

Like our other cellos, this very special model includes the following.

  • Advanced Carbon Fibre body
  • Professionally-shaped ebony fingerboard
  • Wittner® fine-tune pegs from Germany
  • Tungsten-wound, Larsen Magnacore® strings from Denmark 
  • Hand-carved, superior quality bridge
  • Ebony tailpiece
  • DUROD Carbon Fiber Endpin (EP-C201)



Total instrument weight is at 6 lbs.

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